Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Mirror, Mirror Challenge

...I thought you might like this. I took it at a little town in western Kentucky called Sebree.  It was like going back in time.  The bank was built in 1890 and is still in use.  As I took a picture of it, a little old lady came over and locked the door at 11:00 in the morning.  She thought "I was casing the joint"  I guess.  Too Funny!! -- Billy H.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Mirror Mirror Challenge

Had to photograph my submission to the 2010 Annual Box Show at Gallery Route One in Pt. Reyes, CA. I was in a good mood -- I had finished my box and was getting ready to drive through the country roads to take it to the gallery. Of course, once I caught myself in the lens, I took advantage of the situation for Mirror, Mirror photos!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July Mirror Mirror Submission from Jesse

"I shot a set of reflections last May, saving them for June’s challenge, but forgot about them. I was actually going to re-shoot, just as I had planned to for my previous May submission. Well, we know how that went. Only two clear images came out of the set and I’m not particularly impressed with my casual appearance or my White Castle Belly, which became emphasized with a few triangles of light shining through the trees right on the tummy. I nearly mistook the splatters of light as chocolate stains from a batch of brownies. Despite those misgivings, I am pleased with the way Paintshop Pro sharpened the image, making it suitable for this month’s submission." -- Jesse

July Mirror Mirror Challenge

I made my annual solitary pilgrimage to the Marin County Fair this year. I usually spend a few hours visiting the farm animals, the arts and crafts section, and the fine arts exhibition. And of course I sample the cotton candy. I like the heat, the smell of the animals, the stimulation of sounds, smells, tastes. Can't spend a whole afternoon, but like the few hours I'm there. This year, I took another photo of myself in one of the fun-house style carousel mirrors. And in the fine arts section, I took a photo of myself in the glass of the amusing and slightly horrifying mixed media piece "Our Toxic Habits", by Jennifer Sohn of Mill Valley, CA, containing hand-quilted frogs in bejeweled colors and funky fabrics. I seem to be frowning at a bronze bust also reflected in the glass. Lastly, I unintentionally caught myself in the glass of a very cool monoprint called "Water Ballet" by Bernard Weiner of San Francisco. I really liked the feeling of the manta ray moving through the water, it communicated a mystery and a cool, cool seduction.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

June Wild Card submission from Virginia

Ralph's submission and its subject drove me back into my folders to find this one, which I took at the San Francisco's Exploratorium last year. This was one of the mirrors in the Reflections exhibit, and it breaks the image into 1000 pieces. Talk about a feeling feeling of fragmentation, disjointedness, and discombobulation. But I think this image is very much about life. We are the sum of our parts, aren't we? All the little bits and pieces of form, matter, and energy -- pulled into a thousand pieces in this world of so much stimuli, so much knowledge, so much responsibility. Yet there seems to be infinite power when the pieces come together and line up to Perhaps there is magic to be found in that.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Mirror Mirror Submission from Jesse

Back in April 2007, as I was out for a drive with Virginia and Munro, I noticed an eerie little cloud of smoke or fog on Mt. Tam. I tried to get a good capture of the Ghost Fog while we still had a view of it, or before it disappeared. I was so mesmerized by this lucky sighting, that I failed to noticed that I captured an excellent reflection of both myself and Virginia. -- Jesse

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Mirror Mirror Submission from Ralph

This is a parabolic mirror at the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY. It contains many hundreds of mirrored tiles, and it is set up at the Center's entrance. It's fun to watch people explore their reflections as they walk by it. I like the way it fragments the reflection. When I look at myself in this mirror, is this how I feel about myself? Fragmented and scattered? Somedays, most assuredly. Other days, I'm just on the lookout for a strong image. -- Ralph Homan

June Mirror Mirror Submission from Billy

June Mirror Mirror Challenge

Well OMG the year is half finished, or half begun! I was getting ready to go out for the day -- looked at myself in the mirror and noted my post-performance spastic fried hair and dehydrated skin and thought, I can't take a photo of myself looking like this! Then I thought -- what the hell -- time is wasting -- let's go for it! So what did I do? Take a picture of myself in curlers. I'm just not getting younger, I haven't figured out how to reverse time, and I haven't headed to the plastic surgeon. And I don't have an in house hairdresser, personal trainer, and man servant. So this is what you get. And it's really not so bad -- color is everything. And check out the curlers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Shadow Self Submission from Virginia

Munro and I were hiking the local trails a few months ago when I took this shadow picture of us on the trail. I love how my arm has reached out to stop him mid step in order to catch the shot. Also the trails were covered with tree blossoms I guess's like a fairy trail. I like the idea of following my inner pixie down a trail! Yet we booth seem so Paleolithic! Munro is really as slim as me -- I don't know why his shadow looks so bear-like!

May Mirror Mirror Submission from Jesse

"I was cleaning some dishes when I noticed a pretty good reflection in the spoon I was washing. I didn’t even notice the multiple images until after the shot, and when I did see them, I wanted to try and recreate the shot with a better depth of field and a shaved face. I couldn’t get the camera to auto focus properly with the smaller aperture in remote control. I had adjusted the ISO to a lower setting as well for a clearer picture, so I guess the new combination of settings wasn’t working in my favor that evening. Here’s one of the original shots." -- Jesse

May Mirror Mirror Submission from Chrissy

It's the first of May and I got 'Carloed' last week.....
Since October of last year I have been going to him because I saw how he transformed my friend, Sara's hair...
I won't show u what my hair was like before but I will tell you it was very overlayered...
You ladies will know what I mean..
So for the past 6 months, I've been growing it out and he has helped that process by magically knowing how to cut my hair so it doesn't look like I am growing it out....
also, he has brought me back to my natural color- which is dark brown w/natural red highlights that is all me- no dye included...
I am hoping by June he will tell me he can add those caramel highlights he has talked about in our previous sessions...
He's become my good luck piece...
also found out he's one of L'Oreal's head colorists...
Can't beat that...
I took so many timed shots I was bleary eyed... I chose this one because even tho my head is not completely in the photo, there was something I liked about it.
Maybe the fact that it showed part of my shyness that is still a bit w/the camera
(p.s. also I may send this off to my lawyer friend who is dyin' to know what I look like after not seeing him for 5 years...- still thinkin' on that one!.)" -- Chrissy

May Mirror Mirror Challenge

I attended the Spring Petaluma Antiques Market on the 25th of last month. The morning air was cold and brisk, yet by 10:30 the sun was shining so ferociously, people were stripping off their coats and hats. The winning find of the day for me was a small vintage Samsonite lady's suitcase -- in a cool mint green with cream handles and edges. It matches two other pieces of Samsonite I have purchased at other markets -- soon I'll have a complete set!!! On the way back to the car I stopped in an antique and collectibles shop occupying a 3-story Victorian. I moseyed around inside, then turned around and saw this mirror. Very humorous don't you think? And appropriate for this blog!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Mirror, Mirror Challenge from Chrissy

"So, do ya see me???? LOL, does this remind u of a 'where's Waldo?' As u all know I love taking macros... and this was one of my first orchids which I ended up putting in my bathroom because of the light and humidity... I was concentrating on the water drop and noticed after taking the photo that I was somewhat hidden in the background reflection from the mirror....." -- Chrissy

Friday, April 9, 2010

April Mirror, Mirror Challenge

Spring has sprung here in Northern California and the days are growing warmer, brighter, more colorful. Although this past Sunday you would never know it was spring. My girlfriend Shara and I decided to go visit the Alameda Antiques fair, which hosts the first Sunday every month around 700 antiques and collectibles vendors. The weather had dropped by 20 degrees, it was overcast and windy and there were maybe 100 vendors. But we were brave and bundled up and we quickly scoured the stalls and found a few treasures. One of the vendors had this terrific mirror display on the side of their van, and mirrors were scattered in front of it. I like how the mirrors pick up on several parts of my body and how the blue pickup is featured in two of the mirrors on the side of the van.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Mirror, Mirror Submission from Jesse

"I’m focusing on music this month. When I bought a new Bass, I decided to take some more pictures of all my equipment in case I wanted to update the pictures on my Facebook page. I noticed in one that my eyes and smile were reflected in the chrome pickups. I decided to attempt a shot with clearer detail. I wasn’t having a very merry time lining up the camera with the guitar and my image, but I did get an image albeit not a Pulitzer." -- Jesse

March Mirror, Mirror Submission from Judy F.

"This photo was taken while I was waiting to go into the Cliff House in San Francisco for a Sunday brunch. I liked the photo that you can see inside the restaurant and the way the reflections behind and seeing through the windows into the restaurant and beyond into the ocean makes an interesting collage. Like my life it's a jumble with a pattern. Something that it's hard to get a handle on at the moment." -- Judy F.

March Shadow Self Submission from Chrissy

"I had actually taken this last month... just fooling around...I noticed how my legs looked similar to the tree's 'legs'.... That tree is no longer there... It was a double eucalyptus I had cut down this week... It was bittersweet to have 6 trees taken down... 6 years ago they all started out as 5 gallon trees... Now the 'forest' will be transformed into a more feminine garden...As Shelley said, 'no more phallic symbols, now its time for more femininity...'" lol--Chrissy