Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wild Card Mirror Mirror Submission: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

"I Am All Bones But I Have a Heart"
Taken at the Reflections Exhibit at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. I am taking a photo of myself reflected back in a mirror -- you had your choice of bones, organs, or nervous system overlay. A unique way of seeing your reflection. Photos I took at this exhibit will be available to view on Flickr.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

October Mirror Mirror Submission from Judy

"We all wear our masks; the exceptional professional, the happy-go-lucky kid. I like this mask; A bit mysterious. I purchased this on a trip to Mardi Gras several years ago. I've never worn it to a party but it has been on the wall in my office since my return. It captures for me the excitement of Mardi Gras, the dark animalistic nature of Louisiana and the fun of catching beads, and dancing in the streets." -- Judie

Mirror, Mirror Out and About October

Early in the month, my husband and I took a quick trip up to Mendocino for the night. Spectacular fall weather, that lazy Indian Summer sun warming up the cool air. Then coming back cutting through the Anderson Valley, we went through that wonderful (and all too short) stretch of roadway in which Redwoods line the two sides of the tarmac. There is something so awesome, so magical about Redwoods. They convey a sense of peace, silence, union with the earth, sky, and beyond. If you ever have the chance to go to Muir Woods, or be near redwoods -- do it! There is a cathedral sense that pervades the area around you, a hush even admidst the crowds of tourists. Speeding along the roadway, through these grand old trees, you still get the feeling you are driving through something sacred. The light has a primordial sense to it. Worth capturing on camera, even if it falls short in magnificence. And my image reflects the happiness I felt in that moment.

Friday, October 23, 2009

October Mirror, Mirror Challenge

Oh my. Where did the month go to?

As I careen through my life it seems I've always been in pursuit of answering the question -- Who am I? Who am I, separate from what I can see around me? Who am I, separate from what I do? Who am I separate from friends, lovers, husbands, family? People say, "You are such and such," based on all of the above criteria (and more). In the past, my tendency was to either take what people said into consideration, or to rebel and discarded it immediately upon hearing it, or discount it because it didn't feel entirely true. But I have also discovered that you have to start someplace and the someplace is acknowledging all these sides of yourself, and the answer is to continue to live in the perpetual question: Who am I?

The above photo was taken in one of my favorite Napa/Alexander Valley stopping places -- the Jimtown Store in Healdsburg, CA. I was wandering around looking at the country antiques they have in the back, and started taking some photos. Saw a good opportunity to catch a Mirror, Mirror shot. And all of sudden my husband Munro sneaked up on me, horning in on the shot. He just makes me laugh -- I think that's one BIG reason why we have been able to stay together for 30 years! We make each other laugh! So looking at this photo I can see this about myself: I have an eye for composition, I take delight in surprises, I enjoy companionship -- I love my husband!