Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Mirror, Mirror Challenge from Chrissy

"So, do ya see me???? LOL, does this remind u of a 'where's Waldo?' As u all know I love taking macros... and this was one of my first orchids which I ended up putting in my bathroom because of the light and humidity... I was concentrating on the water drop and noticed after taking the photo that I was somewhat hidden in the background reflection from the mirror....." -- Chrissy

Friday, April 9, 2010

April Mirror, Mirror Challenge

Spring has sprung here in Northern California and the days are growing warmer, brighter, more colorful. Although this past Sunday you would never know it was spring. My girlfriend Shara and I decided to go visit the Alameda Antiques fair, which hosts the first Sunday every month around 700 antiques and collectibles vendors. The weather had dropped by 20 degrees, it was overcast and windy and there were maybe 100 vendors. But we were brave and bundled up and we quickly scoured the stalls and found a few treasures. One of the vendors had this terrific mirror display on the side of their van, and mirrors were scattered in front of it. I like how the mirrors pick up on several parts of my body and how the blue pickup is featured in two of the mirrors on the side of the van.