Saturday, November 28, 2009

November Others, Mirrors, Self Submission from Chrissy

"My image will be considered out of the box...My reflection I found in a water drop on a leaf....I took this back in August and noticed how the droplet reflected the blue sky...Abstract isn't it? such is life, and I can be at times...also the sky is the limit for everyone, you can choose any path or not...I am at a time in my life where I am choosing out of the box...and I'm enjoying it.." -- Chris

Others, Mirror, Self Submission from Robert

"This is a photo of Helga's niece Zena. This was not a posed picture, as I recall. Just a happy accident that revealed a moment of time in a girl's life where she is hovering between childhood and womanhood, wistful, expectant, poised and forward looking. I think the photo reminds me of an innocence lost, the beauty and power of the Feminine, and the my own journey forward to follow and flow in grace." -- Robert

Others, Mirror, Self : New Mirror, Mirror Category

In light of the photo that Billy submitted of his granddaughter and one I just received from Robert P., I am announcing a new Mirror, Mirror category: Others, Mirrors, Self.

As photographers, amateur or professional, every photograph we take reveals something of our self. It reflects something we are interested in, something we might desire, something that gives us pleasure, something that reveals a deep feeling about ourselves.

So in this category, Others, Mirror, Self (thank you Robert for the name) you can submit a picture of someone else mirrored in a reflective surface. You do not have to be in the frame, but you need to have taken the picture. And most important, I would like you to share what this picture or this person reflects to you about your self.

I look forward to seeing your submissions!

P.S. You can use recent or past photos in any of the Mirror, Mirror categories.

November Mirror, Mirror Challenge Submission from Jesse

"The girls don't look too happy having to pose for pictures in the bathroom. They should be proud to show off their new sports bra-looking Comfort Harnesses. But maybe they knew these wouldn't be very professional shots -- I forgot to clean the toothpaste spatters of the mirror!"-- Jesse

Friday, November 27, 2009

November Mirror, Mirror Challenge Submission from Robert P.

"This picture was taken in the men's bathroom of a German restaurant this summer. There was this wacky slide show advertising that was rear-projected into the bathroom mirror so I wanted to capture this strange, curious, insidious? form of advertising on camera. So I took a picture of yours truly. Just as I did so, the VIP advertisement came up in the mirror. Coincidence? In my own eyes, I have always viewed myself as a very unimportant person. But the mirror held a different view of me. So my own reflection contains a commentary from a foreign source that was simultaneously outside me and inside me. My moment of Zen for the day." -- Robert P.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

November Wild, Wild Card Submission from Billy

OK, technically this isn't a Mirror Mirror photo, but Billy sent me this today...and ah, shucks, it's so sweet I had to put it in. It's a photo of Billy's granddaughter, and yes I do see her reflection Billy. Besides, if you had widened the shot just a hair, I bet I would have seen her grandpa reflected in the window, too!

November Mirror Mirror Challenge Submission from Judy

"This picture has a special meaning for me. Just before I came to California I had a formal photo taken. In that photo I was wearing the blouse I'm wearing in this picture. After I got to California, my weight increased and I put the blouse away. A few weeks ago I was cleaning some things out of the attic and found the blouse. What a pleasant surprise to find that once again it fits. So I decided to help remind me of my goals by wearing it to Thanksgiving dinner. It worked." -- Judy F.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Out and About

I went over to a friend's condo to photograph all of the beautiful bouquets she received for her birthday. The day was one of those unbelievable California fall days. Her Sausalito condo faces the San Francisco Bay and the light, which comes through her plate glass windows, makes everything look and feel magical. I am not sure how this photograph happened except I was across the room and turned and looked back into a mirrored wall. The wall is reflecting the Birds of Paradise bouquet and the Sausalito hills...and me. I love the blurriness of this photo, the aqua hills, and the pinky red of my shirt and the flowers. I feel alive in this photo, as I did in the moment I took the shot...alive and filled with the mystery of the existence of magic in the moment.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mirror, Mirror November Submission from Julie

I took this picture of my husband and me on our first night of vacation at The Edgewater in Seattle. We were sitting on the outside deck enjoying the sunset and I noticed a perfect reflection of us in the window. I like this photo not only because it captured a beautiful moment in time, but also because this moment perfectly reflects my love of photography, the ocean and my husband all wrapped together in a lovely package. -- Julie S.

November Out and About Submission from Billy

I took this at Keeneland (race track in Lexington, KY) today! It was an absolutely beautiful day! 70 degrees and no wind or humidity Life is good in Kentucky this week! -- Billy

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Mirror, Mirror Challenge Submission from Chrissy

"It's been about 2 months since I have posted a photo.... I've had some bad Karma happen and I've been distracted by it.... Took this one today, hopefully u can see me... My favorite RayBan Flight sunglasses... They happen to be mirrored which definitely hides the expression in my eyes which for the past two months have been experiencing shock, sadness and fear.... I am better now, things are looking up....As someone said to me " Find your zen".... so that's what I am doing..." -- Chrissy

Mirror, Mirror Wild Card November

While waiting for my plane to Philadelphia last month, I came across this exhibit of resin disks created by Fred Eversley. There were seven of them in varying sizes and colors. I walked up to them and saw my reflection and thought oooooo Mirror, Mirror! I liked how the disk transformed the bland airport view into something magical. And I was in the middle of it! Here's the other photos.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mirror Mirror November Submission from Billy

"Here is my entry for November. I took the afternoon off today to run some errands. I stopped to get gas and two Antique Hudson Automobiles were there. I grabbed my camera and started shooting. The paint finish on this 1949 Hudson was so perfect that I was able to make an entry for November. I love cars and I was so impressed with this one. Thank goodness that some people are smart enough to save these for future generations to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Billy

Mirror Mirror Challenge November

OMG Thanksgiving is almost here! What have I been doing???? I took this photo last month while visiting my sister in Philadelphia. I was waiting for her to finish in an antique store and loved this mirror that was for sale in the store. I felt calm in this photo and very comfortable with myself. I liked the sunshine coming through the storefront window, and I liked the red of the Oriental rugs under my feet.This other picture I took in front of a lady's vanity. I liked how the sunlight formed a "third eye" on my forehead, and in retrospect it reminded me that even while focusing on the form of things (taking photos, beauty and make up, objects to purchase) my spiritual self is still present.