Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wild Card July Submission from Jesse S.

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"I posted this on my facebook page. It makes me think of one of Frank Zappa's Mother's of Invention, where it's actually a rear view of Zappa giving the Peace Sign, but my mind pictured it as one of his band members giving it. I honestly picture that image in my head when I think of the peace sign, and no other image of it as sincere. I think it was exploited too materialistically by the media." Jesse

Out and About (in California) July Submission from Jesse S.

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"This was taken on one of my trips out to California to visit my sister Virginia and her husband Munsinator. I love Virginia's little Day of the Dead art pieces that she collects in Mexico. This little prostitute with blue hair and a pink dress is really cute. That's the top of my head with the camera in reflected in the mirror." -- Jesse

Out and About 2 July Submission from Virginia

OMG! I took this photo in a Victoria's Secret store in Louisville, Kentucky, back in May when I was taking a respite from dealing with my Mom's hospitalization. I was looking for some pj's and wandered into the dressing room. I loved the "Strip" neon letters -- bold eye candy -- giving a bit of levity to an often painful situation for many women ) I mean really, who likes looking at yourself -- unless you are a runway model or you've had great plastic surgery, or you are anybody but yourself?) So when I walked into "the dreaded changing room," I immediately started giggling and cutting up and pulling, my trust Mirror Mirror camera out, memorialized the moment. So I see a quick witted, humerous gal spontaneously enjoying the dressing room moment with her clothes ON!

Mirror Mirror Challenge July Submission from Judie F.

"The Cheetah picture is one I took at Safari West. It is in a frame on the wall in the bathroom. I took the pictures in the bathroom mirror. The camera was held low and tilted up so that it was not in the picture. The one I sent you was one out of eight or nine tries to get what I wanted. This is what I see about me in this photo:

Looking at some of my animal pictures, I'm a cat. I love some time alone to bask in the sun, stretch and preen. I love being taken care of as long as I can have my independence as well. I rarely snarl or snap but can pounce when necessary. If treated right, I will purr. " -- Judy

Mirror Mirror July Submission from Jesse S.

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"I'm always promoting my sister. And here I am, enjoying her Mirror, Mirror Challenge post. If she posts this one, maybe I can take another picture next month with this picture in the background and a new mirrored self-portrait in the foreground. How deep will this go?" -- Jesse S.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Out and About July Submission from Billy H.

"I took this photo at the Co. fair last night. This is the refection in the bumper of a semi truck. Growing up in a transportation family, I learned that the name Peterbilt was a sign of quality. I also love the farm scenes in the background." -- Billy Hayes

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Challenge Submission from Sheryl

"This month I tried to find my mirror mirror image in other reflective materials...found many, but the one which surprised me and made me smile was when I caught myselfwatching me washing the dishes." -- Sheryl

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July Challenge Submission from Billy

Here is my entry for July. I really like the colors and angles. I spent all day today with my father who will be 81 on Wed. It was a good day. He was responsive and tried to talk. My granddaughter Aubrey and my daughter Andrea paid us a surprise visit. It was wonderful. Aubrey fed him ice cream, and shaved him with an electric razor, as she had seen her great-grandmother do many times. The good days to come will be few. He will be going to a nursing home soon. -- Billy

July Challenge Submission from Chrissy

As u can see I attempted another mirror photo.. I was trying to get the other reflection of my full length mirror behind me, and just couldn't get the right position... anyway this is my bathroom, from what little u can see of it... Actually its just two mirrors w/the medicine cabinet one angled to reflect onto the sink mirror....Sometimes I feel like those 3 images rolled into one.... I am a mom, gf, caretaker of Kalei.... also a person who reminds my kids that their bills are sitting here waiting to be paid....The older we get, we all have many hats to fill...
-- Chrissy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wild Card July Submission

OK, so I'm on a roll....here is my Wild Card submission for July! I look like a troll, but that's OK this is a funhouse mirror on the carousel at the fair. I took a few wild shots hoping that one would turn out. Yep. Troll-like and dumpy there I stand, but what a way to showcase it!

Mirror Mirror July Out and About Submission

Ok, I was a busy little bee Sunday -- after the fair, en route to yet another dance rehearsal (which I love doing by the way -- this time swing and ballroom style numbers) -- I stopped at my favorite coffee hang out -- Peet's -- and caught a pic outside of the store in the glass window front. Love it (dirty hair or not!). A beautiful Sunday in Marin County doing things I love to do. One interesting note: two men were chatting at a table off to my side. They asked me what I was doing and I told them about the blog. One of them told me that the Science Exploratorium in San Francisco was having a special exhibit called "Reflections" ; an exhibit that "...lets you look at your own image as you have never seen it before. Meet yourself in a giant mirror, watch as a video snowstorm creates your image, and witness your visage as it is multiplied into hundreds of kaleidoscopic views." Sounds like a field trip to me! I love the synchronicity of life, don't you?

Mirror MIrror July Challenge

Ok, here's my July photo. Ouch! Two things, I was at the Marin County Fair and happened across this mirror in the Fine Arts expo. One of the submissions was a beautiful inlaid frame for a full-length mirror. I snapped a couple of pictures of myself. I was afraid to shoot a close up because I'm having a mid-life breakdown showing up as dermatitis all over my face. Pretty gruesome. My hair is also dirty, uncombed and drying after being soaked in my early morning Bollywood dance style class I'm taking -- Ewwww!!!! But I like how the hilights show up in my hair -- they contrast nicely with the stripes of the frame. The other thing is as I was walking away from the frame one of the curators came up and said to me, "Please don't take pictures of other artists' work." I sheepishly said, "I'm just taking a picture of myself for my blog!" She replied, "Well, OK then!"