Saturday, June 19, 2010

June Wild Card submission from Virginia

Ralph's submission and its subject drove me back into my folders to find this one, which I took at the San Francisco's Exploratorium last year. This was one of the mirrors in the Reflections exhibit, and it breaks the image into 1000 pieces. Talk about a feeling feeling of fragmentation, disjointedness, and discombobulation. But I think this image is very much about life. We are the sum of our parts, aren't we? All the little bits and pieces of form, matter, and energy -- pulled into a thousand pieces in this world of so much stimuli, so much knowledge, so much responsibility. Yet there seems to be infinite power when the pieces come together and line up to Perhaps there is magic to be found in that.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Mirror Mirror Submission from Jesse

Back in April 2007, as I was out for a drive with Virginia and Munro, I noticed an eerie little cloud of smoke or fog on Mt. Tam. I tried to get a good capture of the Ghost Fog while we still had a view of it, or before it disappeared. I was so mesmerized by this lucky sighting, that I failed to noticed that I captured an excellent reflection of both myself and Virginia. -- Jesse

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Mirror Mirror Submission from Ralph

This is a parabolic mirror at the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY. It contains many hundreds of mirrored tiles, and it is set up at the Center's entrance. It's fun to watch people explore their reflections as they walk by it. I like the way it fragments the reflection. When I look at myself in this mirror, is this how I feel about myself? Fragmented and scattered? Somedays, most assuredly. Other days, I'm just on the lookout for a strong image. -- Ralph Homan

June Mirror Mirror Submission from Billy

June Mirror Mirror Challenge

Well OMG the year is half finished, or half begun! I was getting ready to go out for the day -- looked at myself in the mirror and noted my post-performance spastic fried hair and dehydrated skin and thought, I can't take a photo of myself looking like this! Then I thought -- what the hell -- time is wasting -- let's go for it! So what did I do? Take a picture of myself in curlers. I'm just not getting younger, I haven't figured out how to reverse time, and I haven't headed to the plastic surgeon. And I don't have an in house hairdresser, personal trainer, and man servant. So this is what you get. And it's really not so bad -- color is everything. And check out the curlers!