Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Mirror, Mirror Submission from Jesse

"I’m focusing on music this month. When I bought a new Bass, I decided to take some more pictures of all my equipment in case I wanted to update the pictures on my Facebook page. I noticed in one that my eyes and smile were reflected in the chrome pickups. I decided to attempt a shot with clearer detail. I wasn’t having a very merry time lining up the camera with the guitar and my image, but I did get an image albeit not a Pulitzer." -- Jesse

March Mirror, Mirror Submission from Judy F.

"This photo was taken while I was waiting to go into the Cliff House in San Francisco for a Sunday brunch. I liked the photo that you can see inside the restaurant and the way the reflections behind and seeing through the windows into the restaurant and beyond into the ocean makes an interesting collage. Like my life it's a jumble with a pattern. Something that it's hard to get a handle on at the moment." -- Judy F.

March Shadow Self Submission from Chrissy

"I had actually taken this last month... just fooling around...I noticed how my legs looked similar to the tree's 'legs'.... That tree is no longer there... It was a double eucalyptus I had cut down this week... It was bittersweet to have 6 trees taken down... 6 years ago they all started out as 5 gallon trees... Now the 'forest' will be transformed into a more feminine garden...As Shelley said, 'no more phallic symbols, now its time for more femininity...'" lol--Chrissy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Out and About Submission from Virginia

I took this photo at the Jimtown General Store in Napa earlier this year. I just love this deli/store. The shelves are packed with nostalgic novelty items like ball and jacks, crocheted doilies, mason jars of jellybeans, Blackjack gum, Magic Fish, Chinese finger twisters. The Jimtown Store is a colorful, creatively motivating environment that brings back the positive memories of childhood. Plus the deli makes a mean olive tapenade/brie sandwich! The store's back room is filled with antiques and folk art, so I was moseying around, completely and satisfactorily absorbed in my own brand of dusty heaven. I grabbed this photo in a mirror -- I liked the way the light was shining into the room through the window. I like the way it landed on my face. I look peaceful. I felt peaceful. It was simply a wonderful moment.

Others, Mirror, Self Submission from Beth H.

"You are my mirror.

I forget that you are my opportunity to cherish
the parts of my humanity that I have neglected or disowned.

In all your disguises, you bring me back to a place of wholeness.

Thank you for the gift of remembering." -- Beth H.

This was a lovely February post from the blog of Beth H. of Hint Jewelry. Check out Beth's beautiful, soul-full silver metal clay charms and necklaces here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Mirror, Mirror Submission from Linda

"My reflection upon the reflection on my monitor screen of my drawing of my granddaughter and myself deep in the background reveals how distant our relationship is. She lives in another city totally involved in all the things teen agers do these days. I live an hour away totally involved in my life. Distance and self-involvement is the reason I'll never know her and she will never know me. Drawing pictures is the only way I know how to bring her closer--and that's not good enough." -- Linda R.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Shadows are not true reflections, yet they give an interesting, often fairytale-like perspective of oneself. The definitions of shadow as a noun include: "a hint, image, or faint semblance; a remnant or vestige; a reflection; the Jungian archetype (the shadow self) that represents man's animal ancestors or primal instincts." In Jungian psychology, one learns to embrace the dark side of the self in order to integrate it and heal the psyche. I invite you to bring your Shadow Self into the light of day!

My submission this month -- I captured my shadow on this wildly painted threshold of a home in the surfing town of Salyulita, Nayarit (Mexico). I love the colors, the lizard, and the feeling of motion in this simple photo. My shadow self seems to be tickling the side of the lizard, getting it to squiggle off the step. I think it is celebrating its inclusion in such an artsy setting. Party on, shadow self!

March Others, Mirror, Self Submission from Chrissy

"I took this a few days ago and my main goal was getting a shot of the water that had gathered on my table outside... I've taken many water shots from different angles that have fooled an eye or two! lol.... But I noticed the refection of my sycamore tree which will soon be cut down because its over taking my yard.. Its choking my African Sumac tree so I will have to sacrifice those huge leaves...." -- Chrissy

March Mirror Mirror Submission from Billy

Here is my entry for March! It is March Madness for basketball, and I am a Kentucky Wildcat Fan as you know. Here is the Le Chaval Midway Boutique "wildcat collection." Can you see me and the railroad signal in the back ground. Midway got it's name and was settled by the man who built the railroad. It is located half way between Lexington and Frankfort KY. Midway is a very peaceful place with artsy shops, leather goods, and very nice cafes with outdoor porches, for dining! -- Billy H.

March Mirror, Mirror Challenge

Aaaah, spring is almost here -- well it is here on the West Coast! I'm soaking up sunshine, green grass (left over from winter rains), flowering apple trees, redbuds, jonquils. I have a bit of a tan left over from our vacation in Mexico, and I'm dancing up a storm these days -- so all in all, I'm feeling a bit more youthful these days! This photo was taken in a fabulous store in Salyulita, Nayarit, filled with Mexican folk arts. This tiny, hammered tin mirror hung on one of its walls -- La Corazon -- the heart. Framed by love, it is a reminder that I love and am loved -- no matter where I am in the world.