Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Mirror, Mirror Challenge from Chrissy

"So, do ya see me???? LOL, does this remind u of a 'where's Waldo?' As u all know I love taking macros... and this was one of my first orchids which I ended up putting in my bathroom because of the light and humidity... I was concentrating on the water drop and noticed after taking the photo that I was somewhat hidden in the background reflection from the mirror....." -- Chrissy


  1. Sorry it took me so long to post this Chrissy! I love the angle of this shot. This is great. I am also wondering if you enlarge the drop of water, if you are reflected in it as well!

  2. Oh, I see you now, Chrissy! I was so busy trying to find you in that little drop of water (and wondering why you didn't post a magnified view of it)-- and then I was looking at in the doorway to see if I could see you in the distant room, to no avail. Then I realized the orchid was either in a reflection or there was a mirror behind it -- and there you are!