Saturday, June 19, 2010

June Wild Card submission from Virginia

Ralph's submission and its subject drove me back into my folders to find this one, which I took at the San Francisco's Exploratorium last year. This was one of the mirrors in the Reflections exhibit, and it breaks the image into 1000 pieces. Talk about a feeling feeling of fragmentation, disjointedness, and discombobulation. But I think this image is very much about life. We are the sum of our parts, aren't we? All the little bits and pieces of form, matter, and energy -- pulled into a thousand pieces in this world of so much stimuli, so much knowledge, so much responsibility. Yet there seems to be infinite power when the pieces come together and line up to Perhaps there is magic to be found in that.


  1. U look like a puzzle V... Still trying to work on mine... not having much luck :-( what I want is not workin' for

  2. Life is a puzzle! Who I am is a puzzle! And I'm finally not trying to figure out the puzzle! :)Don't worry -- when it's right it's right! A photo will come along!