Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mirror, Mirror: April Fool

Scaredy Cat?
What is it about April? Balmy, springy days here in Marin County; the light is warm, coaxing, and even hints of the heat of summer. All the trees are blooming or sending out buds. The daffodils are almost gone and a few roses are showing blooms. I start feeling better about myself because I want to get outdoors again. I look in the mirror, and I think, well, I'll start looking better soon, because I'll be getting more sun on my face. I'll be drinking more water. What is it that I look in the mirror and see an older person. I am older. But whoever is looking out of my eyes hasn't aged...that's for sure. I can feel that that person is just moving, moving through this life and thinking and feeling things that has nothing to do with age or wrinkles. It just mooooves.

The initial photo I took, I didn't like and I didn't want to post. So the one above, although it does show part of me (and Angelina Beautyquina's ears) is my April Fool's Photo. My real April Photo is this one:

OK -- Here's My Real April Photo!
Take an April Fool's Photo of yourself. And because this is April Fool's month, I am giving you an extra Wild Card Photo Op to honor the Trickster in all of us. Post a comment on where to find your photos (blog, Face Book, Flicker, etc.). And tell me what you think about your photos. If you like you can answer these questions:

Who are you seeing when you look in a mirror? Is that really you? Or, are you just wearing a costume? Who is that looking out of your eyes?

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