Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why a Mirror, Mirror Challenge?

I started a blog My Mane Blowing in the Wind a few short months ago. I had been experiencing a desire to journal again, but wanted a medium that could utilize more than the traditional, pen and paper (and art supplies). I had seen artist's blogs in the Somerset magazine, Artful Blogging, and I thought I could use my blog to showcase my jewelry as well as art I create.

I wanted to make the blog personal, so I searched for a photo I liked of myself. These, however, are far and few between, for I always see something wrong or lacking in photos of me. Finally, I came across some photos I had snapped of myself in the bathroom mirror late last summer when I was playing with my newly purchased Canon PowerShot. Not great, but not bad. I carefully studied the photo, much like I study myself in the mirror. As always, there was a litany of questions: Who is that woman? Is she pretty? She looks old. She was once pretty, maybe. No, she's pretty. But she needs more makeup on. She needs not to be frowning so. And on and on and on...

Then last week, for lack of anything to post, I posted another mirror photo. Then started thinking about this whole process -- the self-criticism, the borderline self-absorption, the yes, enjoyment, of mirror gazing. What am a seeing? What is behind that image of myself? Who is looking out of my eyes? Why do I insist on believing my perceptions. They always seem to be skewed, or distorted. AHA. I decided I wanted to explore this monthly and see what, if anything comes of it. And then I thought, maybe there are others who might like to do this.

So, I threw a gauntlet down -- for myself to pick up -- hence, The Mirror, Mirror Challenge.
However, I invite you to join me, or just can just come along for the ride by subscribing to this feed. Email me if you want to take on this challenge, otherwise just enjoy!


  1. I see the face of a beautiful woman of my past. A face sincere and with grace. Of innocense,creativity and freshness. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul. The camera is the eyes of mortality in humans.

  2. I would like to say that I use the word mortality as a noun."Person,soul,the quality of being mortal or alive".

  3. Thank you Billy for your kind and heartfelt words!