Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mirror Mirror Challenge September

Hello all! It's fall and everything is starting to change...but whether it's fall or not...I am always seeing a change in myself -- whether it's the way I look or feel or think about things. I've been in Kentucky, my birth state, since September 3rd, and I've had quite a few opportunities to take some creative Mirror Mirror photos, some with my brother whom I have been visiting, and who also contributes to this blog.
This first photo is a body shot in my friend Janet's dining room mirror. I like how it the light highlights my necklace -- this is the kind of shot I would like to see of my oriels -- how they can be worn -- mixed with other colors and strands of beads -- kind of free, loose, and easy...kind of like me in the moment when I took this picture!

This next picture was taken in Janet's colorful living room in this cool mirrored lamp base. Not the best composition, but I like the mix of colors in the painting of the horse race and the dress I'm wearing. Wish I was smiling though!

And the final pic is back in the dining room mirror. Even though I think I look old in this photo-- I like my attitude -- a little bit wild, free, and challenging the world's preoccupation with aging, I think!


  1. love the first one!..omg, the oriel certainly dresses up that dress as well as the other colorful beads u added...guess what!. going w/my girls to an art show... guess who might be there? or his wife might show up like she usually does... i went to his site and there are some things i like... i saw a painting of a cat that looks like angelina...i hope to buy one of his works on Sunday!.

  2. Have a great time -- buy some cool art! Am back in town and catching up with posts tomorrow! Send me your September mirror mirrors!

  3. I will, I will take my camera to the art show, hopefully I can get some decent ones..

  4. I like the second photo the race horse and the beautiful woman! Who's painting is that?