Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mirror Mirror Challenge August Submission from Judy F.

"Oh, Virginia, My photo is called On Hold. Today was frustrating until I thought "I'll photograph it for Mirror Mirror." I called Comcast to straighten out a billing problem. I talked with a very nice young man who said he couldn't do anything and would transfer me to someone who could. So, I was sent on and put on hold. I was on hold for about two hours and decided to call on my cell phone and see if I could get some help without losing my place in line. I went through the same procedure with the same result. Now I had a phone in each ear. It started to get very funny except for the crick in my neck. So I hung up the cell phone and tried again. By now it was three hours and still cliimbing. The woman I got on the line then took over gother supervisor and is working on the problem. She took my name and they are calling me back when the problem is resolved. It just proves that when you leave it to a woman, things get done." -- Judy F.

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