Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Out and About Submission from Virginia

I took this photo at the Jimtown General Store in Napa earlier this year. I just love this deli/store. The shelves are packed with nostalgic novelty items like ball and jacks, crocheted doilies, mason jars of jellybeans, Blackjack gum, Magic Fish, Chinese finger twisters. The Jimtown Store is a colorful, creatively motivating environment that brings back the positive memories of childhood. Plus the deli makes a mean olive tapenade/brie sandwich! The store's back room is filled with antiques and folk art, so I was moseying around, completely and satisfactorily absorbed in my own brand of dusty heaven. I grabbed this photo in a mirror -- I liked the way the light was shining into the room through the window. I like the way it landed on my face. I look peaceful. I felt peaceful. It was simply a wonderful moment.


  1. Great photography, and capture of light! Nothing like a general store! PEACE!

  2. I wish we had a general store like that... love that light