Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Mirror, Mirror Submission from Linda

"My reflection upon the reflection on my monitor screen of my drawing of my granddaughter and myself deep in the background reveals how distant our relationship is. She lives in another city totally involved in all the things teen agers do these days. I live an hour away totally involved in my life. Distance and self-involvement is the reason I'll never know her and she will never know me. Drawing pictures is the only way I know how to bring her closer--and that's not good enough." -- Linda R.

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  1. Wonderful, Linda. Welcome to Mirror, Mirror! Who says it's not good enough? It's a strange thing, but many of the collages and assemblages I created back in the 80's have all come true in one way or another. Put down on paper what you would like to see between you and your granddaughter. Draw and paint a world that you can and will live in together!