Monday, May 10, 2010

May Mirror Mirror Submission from Jesse

"I was cleaning some dishes when I noticed a pretty good reflection in the spoon I was washing. I didn’t even notice the multiple images until after the shot, and when I did see them, I wanted to try and recreate the shot with a better depth of field and a shaved face. I couldn’t get the camera to auto focus properly with the smaller aperture in remote control. I had adjusted the ISO to a lower setting as well for a clearer picture, so I guess the new combination of settings wasn’t working in my favor that evening. Here’s one of the original shots." -- Jesse


  1. I LUV this photo of you and the "Mirror Mirrorness" of it! Just awesome bro'!!!! And you look way handsome! Hey -- everyone in Mirror Mirror "clean up real good"! I have to go to the hair dresser tomorrow, maybe I do another submission to keep up with you folks!

  2. that is a cool shot.. actually u got two for the price of one!..