Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July Mirror Mirror Challenge

I made my annual solitary pilgrimage to the Marin County Fair this year. I usually spend a few hours visiting the farm animals, the arts and crafts section, and the fine arts exhibition. And of course I sample the cotton candy. I like the heat, the smell of the animals, the stimulation of sounds, smells, tastes. Can't spend a whole afternoon, but like the few hours I'm there. This year, I took another photo of myself in one of the fun-house style carousel mirrors. And in the fine arts section, I took a photo of myself in the glass of the amusing and slightly horrifying mixed media piece "Our Toxic Habits", by Jennifer Sohn of Mill Valley, CA, containing hand-quilted frogs in bejeweled colors and funky fabrics. I seem to be frowning at a bronze bust also reflected in the glass. Lastly, I unintentionally caught myself in the glass of a very cool monoprint called "Water Ballet" by Bernard Weiner of San Francisco. I really liked the feeling of the manta ray moving through the water, it communicated a mystery and a cool, cool seduction.

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