Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July Mirror Mirror Submission from Jesse

"I shot a set of reflections last May, saving them for June’s challenge, but forgot about them. I was actually going to re-shoot, just as I had planned to for my previous May submission. Well, we know how that went. Only two clear images came out of the set and I’m not particularly impressed with my casual appearance or my White Castle Belly, which became emphasized with a few triangles of light shining through the trees right on the tummy. I nearly mistook the splatters of light as chocolate stains from a batch of brownies. Despite those misgivings, I am pleased with the way Paintshop Pro sharpened the image, making it suitable for this month’s submission." -- Jesse


  1. Love it -- and you made me laugh! Also I love the composition -- it's almopst like you are waiting to go on stage -- As a stand-up comic? As a musician? As a roady?