Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Out and About 2 July Submission from Virginia

OMG! I took this photo in a Victoria's Secret store in Louisville, Kentucky, back in May when I was taking a respite from dealing with my Mom's hospitalization. I was looking for some pj's and wandered into the dressing room. I loved the "Strip" neon letters -- bold eye candy -- giving a bit of levity to an often painful situation for many women ) I mean really, who likes looking at yourself -- unless you are a runway model or you've had great plastic surgery, or you are anybody but yourself?) So when I walked into "the dreaded changing room," I immediately started giggling and cutting up and pulling, my trust Mirror Mirror camera out, memorialized the moment. So I see a quick witted, humerous gal spontaneously enjoying the dressing room moment with her clothes ON!


  1. Our V.S. doesn't have a mirror like that!. And I agree, no one likes looking at their body especially in those store mirrors.. Ever notice how they distort us? especially the 3-way ones. They're one step above the ones at those carnivals.

  2. You look bumfuzzled. You need that at your pole dance class!