Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mirror Mirror Challenge July Submission from Judie F.

"The Cheetah picture is one I took at Safari West. It is in a frame on the wall in the bathroom. I took the pictures in the bathroom mirror. The camera was held low and tilted up so that it was not in the picture. The one I sent you was one out of eight or nine tries to get what I wanted. This is what I see about me in this photo:

Looking at some of my animal pictures, I'm a cat. I love some time alone to bask in the sun, stretch and preen. I love being taken care of as long as I can have my independence as well. I rarely snarl or snap but can pounce when necessary. If treated right, I will purr. " -- Judy


  1. Love this Judie! Don't forget to add sheer aggression into your list of shared attributes -- and I'm talking energetic here and in a very positive sense -- moving forward creatively with great gusto!

  2. wow, I like this... you look like you are daring the cheetah!... very descriptive.. i think we all want to be treated in that manner.