Monday, July 6, 2009

Mirror Mirror July Out and About Submission

Ok, I was a busy little bee Sunday -- after the fair, en route to yet another dance rehearsal (which I love doing by the way -- this time swing and ballroom style numbers) -- I stopped at my favorite coffee hang out -- Peet's -- and caught a pic outside of the store in the glass window front. Love it (dirty hair or not!). A beautiful Sunday in Marin County doing things I love to do. One interesting note: two men were chatting at a table off to my side. They asked me what I was doing and I told them about the blog. One of them told me that the Science Exploratorium in San Francisco was having a special exhibit called "Reflections" ; an exhibit that "...lets you look at your own image as you have never seen it before. Meet yourself in a giant mirror, watch as a video snowstorm creates your image, and witness your visage as it is multiplied into hundreds of kaleidoscopic views." Sounds like a field trip to me! I love the synchronicity of life, don't you?


  1. wow, what timing!.. sounds like fun.. I will have to come up w/ a photo!. hey, maybe u've started the new way to start a conversation? lol

  2. I forgot to subscribe to these posts -- that's why I haven't responded til now!!!! Yes, that occured to me too -- I certainly got some attention this time. I used to be real timid and sneaky about taking these pictures, but I'm getting a little bit more brazen about taking the pictures -- WHY NOT?!!!