Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Mirror, Mirror Challenge

I keep hearing the Young Rascal's song How Can I Be Sure? in my head when I look at this journal page I created: "How can I be sure? In a world that's constantly changing? How can I be sure -- where I stand with you?" If you're a girl, you spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. It's such an obsessive habit: Do I need more lipstick? Do I like these earrings? Is my hem straight? Do I have too many frown lines? Am I getting old? What's missing? What's missing? What's missing? I have to consciously make my mirror my friend -- both at home and in the dance studio. The critic is so loud I often can't hear anything except the negatives. To debunk the critic in dance I often pretend that I am someone else (who is a good or "great dancer" in my book), until I get a feeling in my body that the dance lines I see reflecting back to me, are indeed mine. Sometimes I think, "Damn! I'm looking pretty good!" The close up mirror, however, is not yet my friend. I'm still working on that transformation!

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  1. LOL, what a great take on your theme...Yes the mirror does speak the truth, doesn't it?