Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Mirror Mirror Submission from Virginia

What is it about the eyes? You look into a person's eyes and you see many different things -- a friend, a lover, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife. You see states of grace, emotion, feeling. Eyes speak poetry. Eyes are called the windows to the soul. Just by gazing into your lover's eyes, you can see galaxies. Eyes can be capricious, flirtatious, weepy, blurry, angry. But maybe that's not the eye -- maybe it's the sum total of all the little muscles and frown lines surrounding the eye that conveys the emotion.

Been a little camera shy these days. So decided to do a close up. I have always loved my hazel eyes, I like how they combine the leaf green of nature with the animal-like brown. But I don't think anyone can tell from a distance if they are hazel. You've got to get close up, right in my face. Most people who I am not intimate with would say they are brown. However, even people who have looked deeply into my eyes on a regular basis would probably say brown. Even my husband hesitated when I asked him! (In all fairness, he was hesitating because he could sense it was a trick question -- lucky for him he finally said hazel, LOL!) So here's my right eye, unmade up, in the buff so to speak. My left eye has a black witch's dot in it, but that's another story. I think I shot this photo in macro, but it's a bit out of focus. You can definitely see the rim of green surrounding the tawny or chestnut brown inner circle. I got these from my Daddy, who my Mom once said had hazel eyes you could drown in. I wish I could see my Daddy's eyes one more time.

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  1. u must explain the 'witch's dot'... and yes there is a lot of emotion in someone's eyes... love the closeup....brown? nah, definitely hazel..