Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Out and About

I went over to a friend's condo to photograph all of the beautiful bouquets she received for her birthday. The day was one of those unbelievable California fall days. Her Sausalito condo faces the San Francisco Bay and the light, which comes through her plate glass windows, makes everything look and feel magical. I am not sure how this photograph happened except I was across the room and turned and looked back into a mirrored wall. The wall is reflecting the Birds of Paradise bouquet and the Sausalito hills...and me. I love the blurriness of this photo, the aqua hills, and the pinky red of my shirt and the flowers. I feel alive in this photo, as I did in the moment I took the shot...alive and filled with the mystery of the existence of magic in the moment.


  1. Almost an abstract! Glad you caught it! Thanks for sharing! Billy

  2. wow, you and the flowers compliment each other!.