Monday, November 16, 2009

Mirror Mirror Challenge November

OMG Thanksgiving is almost here! What have I been doing???? I took this photo last month while visiting my sister in Philadelphia. I was waiting for her to finish in an antique store and loved this mirror that was for sale in the store. I felt calm in this photo and very comfortable with myself. I liked the sunshine coming through the storefront window, and I liked the red of the Oriental rugs under my feet.This other picture I took in front of a lady's vanity. I liked how the sunlight formed a "third eye" on my forehead, and in retrospect it reminded me that even while focusing on the form of things (taking photos, beauty and make up, objects to purchase) my spiritual self is still present.


  1. love both photos... bet that 3rd eye could be that angel that watches over you? sorry i've been absent in doing these challenges... a lot going on. truth be, my life has been a mess the last week...

  2. Great pictures!! I love the serious woman look!!