Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Mirror, Mirror Submission from Virginia

OK, last month I was a slacker. I didn't take or submit any photos of myself. And the last few days I've been dragging my heels: broken camera, unmotivated, winter pale, low energy, wrinkles, a cold even. Sniffle sniffle. Poor pitiful me. But a new Mirror, Mirror participant sent in her photo (spontaneously!) and it motivated me to climb up over all of my objections, step into my Mexican bathroom and snap some shots with my brother's borrowed camera. I like the first one -- it's me hiding behind the camera. But I still see some of that mane of red hair that I like so much right now. And I like the cartoonish quality of the huge lens (and I can be a cartoon character that's for sure!) What is unsaid in this photo is the quality I have of persevering, my strong suit of stepping over my own "bad" self and going into motion. Although it's a wacky angle, in the bottom photo I'm looking at myself head on, and I kind of like what I see.

1 comment:

  1. Move over slacker, I was too... its finally warming up here so its motivating me... love the angle of the second one