Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Mirror Mirror Submission from Chrissy

"I saw Virginia's mention of being a slacker for this challenge and I am one too....I took this looking into my compact!.. Yes it is early morning, I am in my robe, no lipstick, hair not combed.
January is the start of a new year for all of us... Eric will be here on the 17th and stay for a couple of weeks.. I hope the weather holds up....
If u all like a challenge come join this one, we're a creative bunch!"


  1. ok, what's w/the double post of the last pic?? that is weird!...

  2. Whoops! I'm working on my lap top and seeing double! It's all pretty now!

  3. PS I LIKE this -- it's amazing you got this shot from a compact mirror. What does this photo say about you? Let's see, you have the ability to work in small, tight places? You're spontaneous and creative? You are willing to experiment and take risks? Definitely all of the above! Have fun with Eric!

  4. the photo says " I wasn't thinking how I looked! lol... until afterwards...

  5. I like photos that are spontaneous, not staged. I often get out of the shower with my hair in a towel and think - I'll take a pic. Why, because I think the world needs to see me in my true form now and again. Internet and social sites it is far too easy to get a warped idea of the person you are conversing with due to all the glam shots we post. Nice pics Chrissy!