Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jauary Wild Card Submision from Chrissy

"Ok, I am making up for lost time.. I think I've 'killed two birds w/one stone' as they say... I was out today at Pier One and I saw their Xmas ornaments for 1/2 off.. I saw this Asian girl ornament so I picked up 3 each signifying my girls and me... I noticed my reflection so I figured I'd snag these and take a photo of me at home...LOL... and as for the 'wild card' I think this fulfills it.." -- Chrissy


  1. These are GREAT! It really speaks to your spontaneity, and sense of play!

  2. Sheer luck!. I haven't been in that store for ages... that ornament caught my its a wild shade of green,which u know is one of my favorite colors.

  3. these are my favourites - where you notice your reflection in the neatest things. Nice shots!