Saturday, June 20, 2009

Extra Wid Card Photo for June

I was looking at my bookshelves and thinking that I must straighten and redecorate them, and good-humoredly noticed the collection of various horse images and knicknacks. Not surprising because I owned horses and trained and rode them for over 40 years. And of course played with them as a little girl.
One of my friends jokingly said one evening over dinner, "Virginia, do you realize you have over 130 horse images in your home?" And he was right, he even missed some! So who is that horseless (for over 4 years) horse girl? I grabbed a few of my horse chotchkes and my camera and went over to the living room mirror. I got down on the floor and arranged them and took this picture. I can see the little girl in me, that's for sure. The one that when she rode or daydreamed about riding also felt a sense of freedom and power. And of course Angie, who was buddies with my last great horse, Magic, had to be in the picture, too.



    well, it looks like u and i are the only ones doing this? lol oh well, at least I am getting better w/this camera... I almost pulled out my collection of Noah's arks but thought better of it....I love carousel horses and I see your kitty loves the camera too!.

  2. Hello! Yes, well, things take time to grow and I don't care how many people do it -- more would be fun, but it's just another avenue of exploration! I am just glad you are playing in my sandbox with me!!!!

    What are your Noah's arks? Definitely try to work them into your next photo!!!