Monday, June 8, 2009

Mirror Mirror Challenge: June

I can't believe we are already into the second week of June!!! I have been lax in my duties as host. Bad me. And today I have the Monday Blues, with little energy, and I'm just moping around. So I had to push myself to take a photo of myself and get the photos up you sent me. So here is mine -- sad sack that I am, I'm sitting on my pole stage and I have my arm around a stuffed pony my brother gave me. I was very mopey when I sat down, but as I moved the pony around, I accidently squeezed its ear that has a voice recording: "YAHOOO!!! Ride 'em cowboy!!!" came out in a loud woman's voice. I just started laughing. How could I not!

Anybody who reads this and would like to join this challenge, just email me (go to my Blogger profile)!

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  1. I see Virginia dreaming about younger days when life was simple and pure.