Monday, June 22, 2009

June Extra Wild Card Photo Submission: Chrissy

"Here's an 'extra wild card' mirror challenge... I think I have mastered taking a photo from my inside mirror!.. took about 12 tries, lol.... anyway 4 years ago I got this 4Runner at the begging of Eric.. Months before I met him I was in an accident where the road was slightly slick and I had made a right turn ( from a dead stop) and somehow managed to roll my Pathfinder... What a mess that was.. Pathfinders back then were top heavy now they are more stable.. I know my 4Runner has a stabilizer bar across the roof and it is a big improvement all around..." -- Chrissy

1 comment:

  1. I love how in this photo how bold you are -- it's on a very energetic level -- kind of like --"Here I AM!" Also "I'm looking forward to knowing who YOU are!"

    I also loved my Pathfinder that I had in the early 80's. I swapped it in for a truck and was never quite as happy -- but I wanted to pull a horse trailer and the Path was just too light. Since I don't have a horse anymore, I'm waiting for an electric or hybrid version of the Pathfinder -- and then I'm SO THERE!