Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Challenge Submission from Jesse S.

Originally uploaded by bulgakov1990
My brother just sent me a set of photos in FlickR for possible Mirror Mirror submissions. I am using editor's privilege here and submitting this first photo for my brother since he's been watching this blog since I started it!

You can't see his face (hiding?) but I love this because their is a photo of him with our Mom on the chest, as well as a bust his head sculpted when he was a little boy. A wonderful photo. Care to comment Jesse?


  1. Actually, there is a fourth photo of me in the lower right-hand corner of the silver frame.
    While I was not actually hiding, the glare from the camera flash provided som disguise. I feel some comfort in that. But, I think the obscured face is more of a dissociation with images I never really liked of myself. Nice picture of Mom, just not the kind of images of me that I can identify with.