Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mirror Mirror Wild Card Submission: June

I was on the way to the dance studio in Sausalito and sitting at a light getting ready to take a left turn. These beautiful, pink grasses were in the median, waving in the breeze. I had to take a picture of them, they were so soft and luscious looking! When I got home and uploaded them, I realized that I had unintentionally put myself in the photo! I am so serious looking -- so focused on getting the picture that my tongue is pressing into the inside of my cheek. I didn't know I did that -- Horrors! My grandfather used to do that when he was focusing on planing a piece of wood, or rototilling the garden plot, or cutting the grass. Maybe I got that from him! I also like that the photo is sideways. So here's my Mirror Mirror Wild Card for the month of June!


  1. love yours!, I tried doing that (on purpose) but just couldn't get it right...

  2. oops, forgot to give my link for the june challenge (duh)

  3. I am doing everything ***BACKWARDS! Just saw this I have to set up to be notified about THIS blog's comments LOL!!!