Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mirror Mirror Challenge August Submission

This has been a rough month! And I really have not wanted to take o pictures of myself because of various reasons -- facial skin ailment, weight gain, old age name it. But the show must go on and I have to trust the process I started this blog with over 3 months ago: to use pictures of myself in a mirror or mirror-like surface to question my perceptions about myself. This is me in my favorite home furnishings shop in Novato -- Morris & Company. It's a tiny two-room shop in a historic, flat-iron Victorian building near the town's old railroad tracks. The store is crammed to the gills with beautiful plates, artwork, linens, crystal, etc. -- and Jan, the owner is an artist herself, so the shop is filled with color, interesting shapes and arrangements, and a ton of eclectic objects. I was in there shopping for a gift, and noticed a multi-paned mirror on the floor. Even though I felt fat and ungainly in the moment, I spontaneously plopped down on the floor (much to Jan's husband's surprise), pulled out my camera, and took some photos of myself. I liked the way the photos turned out, I liked that I seized the moment, and somehow I don't look as bad as I thought I would!


  1. LOL, I took a few of me yesterday... I will post and u will have a laugh...

  2. Yep, loved them both! Thanks for jumping in there right away!!!!

  3. It is nice to see you laugh!