Friday, August 7, 2009

Mirror Mirror Challenge August Submission from Chrissy

"I have always liked Michael Leu... The first photo is a lithograph of Michael Leu's work.. He loves females and cats.... Always wanted what I would look like in a Michael Leu lithograph!. Now I know.. LOL... The bottom photo is a frame I have and I seem to gravitate to taking pics of just part of me... Guess I want to be mysterious? " -- Chrissy


  1. Chrissy! Love this so much! Yes, just change your hair to red (or wear a wig LOL!), drape Kalei over your shoulders and there's that beautiful you!!! And there you are in your other mood...looking at it I see a woman perhaps a bit hesitant, more likely pensive, and yes, definitely mysterious.

  2. I think its funny that we both have art work in our photos!. LOL...