Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wild Card Submission from Virginia

I had a few extra photos to throw in at the end of this month.
This photo was the window of a cool antique storefront in Upper Lake, CA. I think the temperature that morning had already hit 98 degrees. I liked the combination of the red door, black bars, and the flower print curtains, which made me feel I was wearing a different blouse than the one I had on. I felt feminine instead of hot, tired, and dumpy!

Doorway to heaven...This was taken in our room at Blue Lakes. The door leads out to the lakefront, but I loved the haziness of the doorway in this photo -- it's almost white light -- hinting of another world or the one I will pass on to at some point. This pic fits the mystic in me.

And here I have golden light, and an almost Indian or Balinese feel -- like I'm traveling through those countries, sampling the wares, eating exotic food, offering alms at the local temples. It was really Kelseyville, CA.

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  1. those are awesome thinking about the beyond huh? the first one is quite mysterious and a bit sensual... love that mirror!.Kelseyville- now that's new one- sounds like a quaint town.