Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mirror Mirror Challenge August Submission from Billy

I would like to submit this as my August entry. This was taken on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. You can see my image in the picture of Fred Astaire (who sailed on the Queen). It is a shadow image, as are many of the ghosts of passengers past who live on the ship. At one time during WWII, 15,000 American soldiers were transported to England in preparation for D-Day. She was painted gray during war time. She crossed the Atlantic many times and was never attacked. Hitler offered a $250,000 reward to any German commander who could sink her.


  1. If I was really good at PhotoShop, I could probably isolate you even better -- but there you are! Loved that you got this photo while on your trip to CA. Also, this photo speaks to the dancer in you -- which you may disclaim, but I remember a pretty mean polka way back when we were teenagers! Also Fred owned racehorses -- another commonality!

  2. funny, i don't remember seeing this when my husband and i were there... great shot tho, billy. virginia i bet if the contrast was tweaked a bit he could come out better. still a good one.

  3. Maybe it is really not me! A ghost perhaps!